How much RAM is enough for your VPS server

How much RAM is enough for your VPS server

You may have visited the websites of VPS server providers and are unsure which VPS server plan will be suitable for your business.

Maybe you are thinking of opening an e-commerce website, or you want to open a blog site, or you want to open a gaming server.

If you read this article till the end, your uncertainty will go away, and you will not have to worry about which VPS plan to order.

There are many components of a VPS server upon which hosting companies base their plans.
This article will only talk about RAM and determine how much the VPS server depends on the allocated RAM.

First, let’s learn what RAM is and how it works on a VPS server.

Random-access memory (RAM) is the short-term data storage of your system. Information that you are actively using on your computer is stored here to make it easier to access. The more programs your system runs, the more memory you will need.

It works in the same on the VPS server. Whenever you start a new process on your VPS, you begin using RAM immediately. If you want to do all the work done on your VPS server successfully, you need RAM first. Then we know the importance of RAM as a VPS server. Thus companies determine the prices of their VPS servers based on the amount of RAM.

The more websites or activities you run on your server, the more RAM you will need on your server. Say you have ten websites that receive 10,000 daily traffic. If your traffic increases or you launch more websites, you will need more RAM to process the increased traffic faster and successfully run the websites.

If you do not have enough RAM, your server will work slowly, and people will feel annoyed when they visit your websites! And thus, you lose traffic and, eventually, lose your business!

What is the RAM requirement for a VPS that manages websites and servers
The minimum memory requirement for a VPS hosting package should be between 1GB to 2GB if you plan to manage a single website or server.
If your website receives traffic from around a million users per month and is generally light, 2GB of RAM would be a perfect choice.
1GB RAM is an ideal alternative if your site gets little traffic and you don’t need a lot of processing power.
What is the recommended amount of RAM for WordPress blogging
The amount of RAM needed to host a WordPress site or blog is determined by your needs. The most popular platform for hosting a website in 2021 is WordPress.
You will likely need around 256MB of RAM for a primary or small WordPress site or blog. Shared hosting would be the best option in this scenario. A shared hosting plan should be enough even if you intend to run WordPress on your server.
A basic VPS plan is the best option if you design a WordPress site with the greatest possible use of open-source components.
Consider a plan of up to 2GB RAM for WordPress blogs that use many plugins, shortcodes, and page builders, receive a lot of traffic, and perform many functions.
What is the recommended amount of RAM for building an eCommerce store on a VPS
Paying online daily requires better security, so you should invest in it as soon as possible. It is better to choose VPS hosting over a shared hosting plan if you plan to build an online store.
To effectively run an online store on a single server, you’ll need at least 2GB of memory, whether you build it yourself or use Magento.
It is better to choose a plan with at least 4GB of RAM if you get millions of views on your site and if you handle a large number of transactions.
A 2GB RAM VPS hosting plan will be a great option if you are just starting your eCommerce business and not expecting much traffic. You will experience slower site performance as you receive more traffic and sell more products. Your traffic and transactions are increasing rapidly, so you should quickly upgrade to a 4GB RAM VPS.
What is the recommended RAM requirement for an online photo store on your VPS
The storage of all your online photos is another excellent use of a VPS. Photographers need online photo storage because, while it’s fantastic for the average consumer, it’s critical for them.
Although the cloud is an excellent means of storing photos, there are times when you need quick and secure access to them.
It is recommended that users have at least 512 MB of RAM. VPS hosting plans offering 2GB of RAM are ideal for avid or professional photographers.
What is the required amount of RAM for your gaming server on a VPS
Hosting your gaming server on a VPS will be more cost-effective if you play Starcraft, Minecraft, or World of Warcraft.
Your game will run smoothly if you have a fast VPS with at least 3GB to 4GB of RAM.
If you are running a gaming server, our recommendation is to start with the 4GB RAM VPS hosting plan.
It might become necessary to move up to the 4GB RAM VPS hosting plan when more players start to join, which offers at least 7GB of RAM and unlimited fun.
What is the recommended amount of RAM for hosting other websites
When your VPS hosting plan can host multiple websites for your customers, you’ll need more RAM than when you were hosting a single site.
It’s best to have a lot of wiggle room when you host an e-commerce site for other clients. This is because you can’t predict how quickly their sites will grow.
If you wish to host other people’s websites, our recommendation is to get a VPS hosting plan, which allocates 8GB of RAM.
What is the recommended amount of RAM for a private VPN server
VPS hosting plans have several advantages over shared hosting plans, one of which is added security. Private VPNs on VPSes may be of interest to you if security is one of your primary concerns.
A private VPN allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi (e.g., in a coffee shop, airport, foreign country, etc.) while keeping your identity confidential.
When you’re hosting your own private VPN for personal use, you only need about 1GB of RAM. Your VPN will require more RAM when you add new devices. For instance, a VPS hosting plan with 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM may be needed if you plan on using multiple devices.
Finally, in this article, we discussed how much RAM you need for your VPS server. The amount of RAM mentioned in this article is estimated depending on the type of business and work. Of course, you should get confirmation from the service provider before buying a VPS server.

Servers needed for any business, big or small, never need to use extra RAM. Your business is in your hands. The way you know the right customer for your business, use the right amount of RAM for VPS servers in the same way.