Why Dedicated Servers Make Sense For Ecommerce

Why Dedicated Servers Make Sense For Ecommerce

Dedicated servers are often used by companies that operate online stores. In fact, a lot of people go for them because they want to maintain the best performance possible. But is this decision worth it? Here’s what you should know about dedicated servers and why they make sense for eCommerce

What does a Dedicated Server Do?

A Dedicated Server is a server that is dedicated to one customer or company. This means that the server is set up specifically for your business and is not shared with other customers or companies. This can be a big advantage because it allows you to have more control over the server and its performance. You also don’t have to worry about potential conflicts between your business and those of other customers or companies.

Another big benefit of using a dedicated server is that it can save you money. By using a dedicated server, you won’t have to pay for the space on a shared server, nor will you have to pay for the bandwidth used by other customers. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Finally, a dedicated server can give your business an edge in the market. By having a specialized server, you can improve your site’s speed and performance and give yourself an edge over your competitors.

Why Dedicated Servers Make Sense For Ecommerce

When it comes to eCommerce, a dedicated server is the best way to go. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Security: A dedicated server provides guaranteed security for your website and its data. This is because the server is physically isolated from other websites and is not accessible by the general public. This means that your data is safe from prying eyes and malicious attacks.
  2. Speed and Performance: A dedicated server offers superior performance when compared to a shared server. This is because it has more resources available, which allows for faster page loads and improved graphics. Additionally, a dedicated server can handle more traffic than a shared server, which means you will be able to sell products to a wider audience with less strain on your system.
  3. Cost Efficiency: A dedicated server is much cheaper than a shared server. This is because a dedicated server typically only includes one CPU and one disk space, while a shared server includes multiple CPUs and multiple disk spaces. Therefore, you will be able to save money by using a dedicated server over a shared server.
  4. Scalability: If your business grows rapidly, you will likely need to add additional servers to your system in order to keep up with demand. A dedicated server will allow you to add more servers without having to worry about running out of disk space and CPU power.
  5. Security: On a shared server, it is possible for others to hack into your account and steal data from your system. Allowing others to run operating systems on your server also puts your company’s reputation at risk, which could cost you, and customers, in the future.
  6. Speed: You should consider setting up a dedicated server if you do not have enough RAM or memory within your current computer. This is because a dedicated server has its own hardware components, which means that it can process data much faster than if the same tasks were completed on a regular computer.

When to Use A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are a great way to improve your eCommerce performance. Here are four reasons why you should consider using a dedicated server for your business:

  1. Increased Speed and Capacity: A dedicated server offers increased speed and capacity, which can help you handle more traffic and transactions.
  2. Increased Security: A dedicated server offers increased security, as it’s more difficult for hackers to attack. Additionally, a dedicated server allows you to protect your data and information more securely.
  3. Improved SEO Rankings: When your website is hosted on a dedicated server, it will be ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can help you increase traffic and conversions.
  4. More Flexibility: With a dedicated server, you have more flexibility in terms of hosting and managing your website. You can choose the Operating System (OS) and software that best suits your needs.

Choosing a Hosting Plan

A dedicated server is a great option for eCommerce businesses that need more storage, faster processing, and increased security. There are a few things to consider when choosing a dedicated server:

Storage: Dedicated servers come with more storage space than shared hosting plans. This can be helpful if you have a lot of traffic and need to store large files.

Processing: Dedicated servers have faster processing speeds than shared hosting plans. This can be helpful if you need your website to load quickly and process large transactions.

Security: Dedicated servers come with increased security measures than shared hosting plans. This can help keep your data safe from hackers.


For years, eCommerce platforms have relied on shared servers to power their websites. This model has worked well for smaller businesses with limited needs, but it is no longer feasible or affordable for most larger businesses. Dedicated servers provide better performance, scalability, and security than Shared Servers can, making them the ideal solution for more complex eCommerce sites. If you are thinking of upgrading your eCommerce platform to a dedicated server, be sure to consider our recommendations below.

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