Why Your Marketing Team cares about your Web Hosting

Why Your Marketing Team cares about your Web Hosting

You’ve recently purchased a new host and are really stoked about the fact that you can now leverage your data to make more informed decisions. But, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to get the best out of your old hosting provider. It seems like it doesn’t want to be your friend. Instead, it’s afraid of what you might do with its Internet power — it wants to use it for its own purposes. That’s fair enough. However, when your marketing team is so feverishly researching and designing solutions that they’re willing to sacrifice their business model in order to bring you great service at a fair price (and they don’t even know if they’ll be able to do that), that’s no piddling issue. You need to find ways to both satisfy your team and retain them long-term so as not to lose money on the deal (yes, there are ways). How? Let’s take a look at why your marketing team cares about your web hosting.

Your Marketing Team Can’t Live Without Your Web Hosting

First, let’s get this straight. Your marketing team loves your web hosting. They’re literally in it for the long-term — as opposed to other sectors in marketing where they’re more interested in short-term gain and the ability to generate more sales. Your marketing team loves your hosting because they’re catered toward their needs, not yours. Think about it this way: If your team loved your hosting, they’d be more than willing to take an extended vacation to the beaches of Bahamas because they know they’ll be back soon. But, since they can’t guarantee that, they’ll be here instead, pestering you for hosting discount codes and other deals.

They’re Covered in Your Data

In order for your marketing team to thrive, they have to be catered toward your needs. If they’re not, they won’t be very successful. Start thinking about ways to get your data in front of them so they can decide if they want to partner with you or not. First things first, make sure that your marketing team has your full permission to access your data. You can do this in one of two ways: Opt-in or opt-out. You can opt-in to receive marketing communications from the host or opt-out if you’d like to receive control over what gets sent to your box. In both cases, it’s vital that your marketing team knows you want to receive marketing communications.

Your Marketing Team Is Covered in Your Data

One of the main reasons your marketing team loves your host so much is because they’re catered toward your needs. When they’re catered toward your needs, they’re in a good position to help you solve your problems. Unfortunately, when it comes to data, though, your marketing team isn’t well-versed in all of the latest online trends. They don’t have a good grasp on the way that search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and buying lists are being used by businesses of all types.

Your Marketing Team Is Encouraged to Collaborate

When your marketing team isn’t catered toward your needs, they’re very hesitant to speak up. They’re afraid of sounding like they’re editing how you used to do business — and they don’t want to seem like they haven’t learned anything from their past mistakes. They want to continue to be your friend, but in a retrofitted way. That’s great, as it allows your marketing team to collaborate with you in a more creative way. Collaboration can be gold. When your team knows that you’re open to suggestions, they’re more open to checking out new ideas and doing things differently. That’s exactly what you need for your web hosting.

They’re Promoting Their Business Model

One of the things that your marketing team loves best about your host is that they’re very realistic about how things work. They know that they don’t have all the answers, but they also know that they can’t do everything else either. When it comes to your web hosting, though, the opposite is true. The more extreme your demands, the more extreme the demands on your host. It’s what they’re built into their system. If they can’t help you surf the Net 24/7/365, then what’s the point of running a business? You need to rely on them to keep your business running — and within limited boundaries.


Your web hosting deal with greats like Google, Facebook, and Amazon isn’t about being the top dog. It’s about being the best dog in the house. The difference between the best and the worst isn’t about the number of teeth you’ll have — it’s about the amount of love you’ll give to your dog. Your marketing team should be catered toward your needs, not your wants. They need to be involved in your decision-making, not your pampering. Be sure to keep your marketing team on track by learning how to catered-for business.

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